Versatile Blogger Award!!

Hello Everyone!!

My furiend Lucille all the way from Italy gave me this very nice award.  It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!

 I know I’ve been a little slow in posting and visiting other doggies blogs and I’m sorry….you know this hooman of mine just doesn’t listen to me when I tell her to blog…Ha Roo!! 

THANK YOU LUCILLE FOR SENDING ME THIS AWARD AND GAME TO PLAY… I’m supposed to share with you 7 things about myself, so here it goes.   I hope I can think of that many things….I’m not that exciting of a doggie. 

  1. I am a Senior Harlequin Dane and I’m 8 years old and I live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.
  2. I was a Rescue Great Dane and mom and dad have had me for 3 years now.   I came from Cheesehead Land (that’s the state of  Wisconsin for those that don’t know).
  3. My favorite treat is….steak!  I don’t get fed hooman food very often but when I do it’s the good stuff….I love meat!! 
  4. My favorite toy is this rubber squeaky ball called DEXTER that I got as a gift from my friend in Sandy Eggo Murphy Dog.  I really do love this toy.   I’ll have mom try and load a video of me playing with it for all to see.
  5. I do not like other dogs, I can be around them in a training class but take me out on a walk and I see another one I flip out.   
  6. I won’t go in a pool, lake or a pond but I will go into the shower with mom.  What’s up with that?
  7. I love to go to training classes with my mom and just learn things my mom feels like trying to train me to do.    Right now she’s trying to get me to file my own toe nails on a sandpaper board.  What’s up with that?  I already let her cut my nails with the clippers with no problems…silly hoomans.
  8. Ok — Mom thought of one more thing to add…when mom is drying her hair with the blow dryer I have to come into the bathroom and get right next to her and look up at her with my head touching her mid section….guess what I want??  That’s right I love the warm air of the blow dryer so she has to stop and pet me and run the warm air of the blow dryer over my body…don’t know if it’s because I’m old or what but that warm air just feels devine!

I am now supposed to pass this award onto to 15 of my friends but it looks like most of them have already played this game so I’m sending it on to just a few additional furiends to play.

1.  Eve the Great Dane

2. Savage the Great Dane

3. Tessa the Maltese

4. Hero the Sharpei

5. Africa the Boerboel

6. Luke the Great Dane

7. Sasha the Great Dane

It’s so much fun getting to all about all my furiends!  If you’ve already played this one the just disregard. 

Here’s the video of me playing with my favorite toy.  Enjoy!

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane



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5 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award!!

  1. Oh Kasha, you sure don’t look like a Senior Dane – especially in your Dexter video.

    woof – Tucker

  2. Hi Kasha!
    Tucker is right, if you don’t tell it, nobody will guess you are 8 yrs old! Wow!
    And I like your Dexter toy… you know I live in a flat so I am only allowed a similar squeeky toy when I am in the garden :(!!!

    It was very nice to learn so many things about you… You are unique… I never heard of a dog that loved the hair dryer! I hate it…
    In winter my human has to grab me from the collar to keep me still while she uses it on men after I had my bath… and when my human uses it I disappear…. 😉

    You were a lucky dog, you won the lottery going to this new family!

    Ciao Lucille

  3. Hi Kasha,

    You’re no way near senior, my furiend… still full of bounce… and congrats on the wardie and thanks for passing it to me.

    Licks, hero

  4. Wow those are some very interesting things we didn’t know about you Kasha – Going in the shower sounds like fun…how do you fit?

    The video of you playing with Dexter is very cool – we both play with our toys like that…pouncing on them and then rolling on them 🙂

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. Gosh, I agree, Kasha – no one watching that video of you would think that you were a senior Dane!

    This was a great post – even though I’ve known you for a while now, I didn’t know lots of things about you – like the hairdryer thing! Now that’s funny! I don’t like it when my human uses the hairdryer and I keep well away from her! But mmm – that “warm air” does sound nice…maybe I ought to think about trying it sometime…

    Honey the Great Dane

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