Great Dane Rescue & Adoption Stories Wanted…

Hi Everyone,

Kasha’s mom here.  I was contacted by a nice lady name Kyla who writes books on dogs that have been rescued and/or adopted.   Pretty much if you have a dog that you didn’t get from a breeder she’s writing books about them to help raise awareness about rescue dogs.    Kyla and another lady write these books and a portion of their sales go to rescue groups so it’s for a good cause.   Right now they are working on the book for the Great Dane breed. 

Since Kasha is a rescue I have submitted a short version of Kasha’s story which may or may not make it into the book.  So I thought I would spread the word if you have a rescue/adopted Great Dane send them your dog’s story and you may make it into the book.  You don’t have to be great writers (as you all know I’m not that good at writing but I try my best – they will edit and make things  pretty when necessary).   I believe the deadline for Great Dane submissions is April 15, 2010. 

So go and check out the guidelines and submit your dogs story.  They are located at:

I’m sure it will be a GREAT book and I can’t wait to see if Kasha makes it in there.  I’ll keep all of you posted.  

Thanks everyone,

Denise & Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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4 responses to “Great Dane Rescue & Adoption Stories Wanted…

  1. love this picture! kasha is such a sweet girl!

  2. Hi Kasha, all I can say from looking at your sweet face is, bet your hoomans are glad some idiot gave you up! Cause you are part of their family now and they sure are happy about that!!!

    Hugs and kisses, Tessa

    pp ssss I don’t know any other Great Kasha’s, but I still think you are pretty!

  3. BARK! We were contacted by that lady too. Mommy is planning on writing something 2, since we have adopted two doggies and fostered 2 doggies. And mommy is sad that someone let me go from them, but we are all glad that I am with mommy and daddy now. Mommy is counting the months for me to finally have been with them, longer than the first family. It will be soon now! BARK! Sasha the Princess

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