Dog Pile Contest Entry…

I’m entering my 2nd dog blog competition.  My friend Mango the Mastiff is sponsoring the Mango Minster Dog Show, I’m not entering that since I’m a lazy dog, and I didn’t see a category for that,  but there are a few other side competitions happening and one of them is Biggie Z’s Dog Pile Contest .  So here is my entry for all to see and wish me luck. 

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Check it out…I have approximately 71 dog biscuits on my large body!



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9 responses to “Dog Pile Contest Entry…

  1. 71 dog cookies, wow, you could have 71 Maltese or 71 chihuauhua’s or who knows!

    I will vote for you though!

    Hugs, Tessa

  2. Wow… very impressive, Kasha. The numbers are definitely hard to beat and to not to move a muscle on those legs requires great skills and concentration. If this is an open contest, you would have my vote.

    Licks, hero

  3. BARK BARK!!! Oh my, I dont think I would do that well, with treats all over my body. How did you stand it? Did your mommy give you ALL the treats for being such a good girl? I think I would have snuck a few when she looked away! BARK! Sasha the Princess
    PS- Mommy says it is a Meyer Lemon tree, left behind by previous owner and they are having a darned time keeping up with all the yellow balls right now. She said Lemonaid should be for SUMMER! Not when the water is falling!

  4. wow Kasha! You are demonstrating some very incredible will powers by laying so still with all those cookies on you. I’m very impressed!!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. wow, how could you possible have all those cookies and not eat them, you sure are talented!

    woof – Tucker

  6. wow that is sooo impressive! How did you just lay there with all those cookies all over you and not try to eat them all? I can’t even open the treat jar without Darwin getting excited there’s no way I could actually put them on her!

  7. WOW!!!!! That is truly amazing!!!!!! I’m not sure if I could hold still with so many treats on me… Mobile phones and CD’s yes but treats… WOW! I think you stand a good chance of winning!
    Slobbers Teal’c

  8. Awww I missed the dog pile contest by just a few days! Good luck!

    • Hi Ms. Duchess,

      It’s nice to meet you…it’s nice to have girlfriend doggies. Where are you from Duchess? Mom will have to go and check out your bloggie later today (most likely when the superbowl is on TV)…mom and I just don’t get into that game….Ha Roo….but I think your human writer is a male hooman…is he watching the game?

      AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

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