My 1st Hotel Stay….

Hello Everyone,

Mom and Dad went away to celebrate something called New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2009 and guess what??  They took me with them.  We went away for a mini vacation…how cool is that.  I’ve never been able to go anywhere like that before, they usually put me in the Pet Motel but this time they must have felt sorry for me being a senior and all…I don’t know for sure but either way I had fun and just wanted to share it with you.

Here I am in the car…not sure where I’m going but I’m ready!

Here’s a view from the road.

Are we there yet? 

Ok, enough is enough…I’m getting really tired of this road trip!

I surrender, I’m taking a nap..wake me when we get there!

We’re here, we’re here…but where is here?

We arrived at the lovely Holiday Inn Hotel in Dubuque, Iowa and guess what Mom says they are a Dog Friendly Hotel…and even big dogs like me can stay there and we don’t even have to be crated in the room.  How great is that!!

Here I am checking in at the hotel (no hoomans wanted to be in the photo with me — what’s up with that?) yes, I’d like the room with the whirlpool and room service with a nightly walk please and don’t forget the dog bone on my pillow each night!  I’m such a demanding guest.

Here I am waiting patiently for someone to open the door to my room for the next few days…hurry up people I have to get ready for a big night on the town and want to freshen up!

Ok…let’s party!!  What?  This bar is closed…well, I must move on to find somewhere else to get a drink.

So I found all this water and it was behind closed doors so I couldn’t get a drink here either….what’s with this place?

How about in here??  Forget the drink, I want what the sign says BEEF??  Maybe they will feel sorry for little ole me and toss me a steak?

No drinks, no steaks…what’s up?  So I guess I better pick me a snack for the evening from this vending machine.  Mom and dad are heading out for the evening and I need munchies to keep me busy while they are gone.

Finally the hoomans have gone out and I can do what I do best…sleep!  I’m exhausted from all this travel and sightseeing!  At least I have this big ole bed all to myself!

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane



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7 responses to “My 1st Hotel Stay….

  1. Hi Kasha,

    Wow… what a trip! That is a pawsome pet-friendly hotel, so much to sniff and so many places to venture. Hope you finally got your drink though. Great roadtrip adventure.

    Licks, hero

  2. Mango

    That is really cool that you got to go along. Did you ride on an elevator? Scary.


  3. Hey Kasha, your cone head hits the roof of the car too? Momma says I make a mess of the car cause there is just as much hair on the roof as there is the seat. BOL.

    Your trip looks like it was fun. I got to stay in a hotel a couple weeks ago. I didn’t have my own bed though, I had to share.

    woof – Tucker

  4. BARK! Wow, you got to stay in the room without your mommy and daddy? That would be nice. When I go on trips with mommy and daddy, they always have to take me with them when they leave the room. And I never get to go into the big check in room. Do you stay quiet when you are alone? Sometimes I bark to protect the lair when I hear hoomans walk by the door. Mommy will have to start looking into the Howly day in places too. what a good old lady you are! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  5. OMD Kasha what a lucky girl you are! You are a very nice car rider sitting so pretty, before you went to sleep that it. But I understand that, after a while a girl just has to get some beauty sleep.

    I think you did very well in the room all by yourself, I have to go with my Mom because I help her when she drops things and I bring her stuff too. But that bed sure did look comfy!

    Hugs, Tessa

  6. Im going to have to remember the Holiday Inn allows dogs. That one looks really nice! How fun for you and Kasha!

  7. Wow – you got to stay in a hotel?! How cool is that!!! 😀 I have never stayed in a hotel in my life – would love to have the experience but it is hard to find hotels that are dog-friendly, never mind allow big dogs like us. You were so lucky!

    Honey the Great Dane

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