Paw It Forward!! I got a package!!

I’m so excited…I received my first package since I started my dog blog.  I heard the door bell ring and started barking like a maniac.  That door bell gets me excited but I always go to the wrong door to see who it is…being a silly dane that I am.   It was the postman and he had a package for me.  

Can you see who it is from??  It came all the way from Sandy Eggo from Murphy Dog.  He’d Paw’d it Forward to little ole me.  I can’t wait to see what is inside of it.  I’m so excited!!

Hmmm, smells like something good in here….

I don’t need any help…I can get this box open..check out how I use my big paws.

Oh my goodness…I’m lost in the box checking out all of my goodies…this is fun!

I don’t know what to play with first!

Here I am with my stash!  Murphy Dog you are so kind and generous I love everything.  My favorite so far is the pink elephant…see the close up picture below…I think it is Mango’s pink brother “Dexter”. 

I played with all my new toys and the dog biscuits were quite yummy.  Mom did take a video to prove to everyone how much fun I had with the pink “Dexter” elephant so here it is…

I loved getting my package from Murphy Dog and his mom!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO BOTH OF YOU!  This was so much fun. 

Now I’d like to Paw It Forward to 2 of my friends.  So the first 2 dogs that want to play with me, have your humans post in the comment section that you want to be my Paw It Forward Buddy and send me your email address so my mom can then email your humans to get your home address so she can send 2 of you a Paw It Forward Package.   So who wants in? 

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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7 responses to “Paw It Forward!! I got a package!!

  1. Mango

    Those are kind of the sounds that Dexter makes when I bitey him.

    That toy is most fun for you. Makes you go totally goofy. But your mom is right, so much action can wear one out. Now is time to just put it in your mouth and go squeek, squeek, squeek until your mom goes cracker dog.


  2. BOL! Kasha, I am so happy you enjoyed your toyz so much! I sure did have fun pickin them out. Made extra sure to test each and every squeaker. I like to step on those squeaky balls too..sure is fun to hear them make that noise!

    Mom was giggling the whole time she watched your video. You sure play like a puppy! Definitely look most excellent for a girl of 8 years old.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. Kasha, are you sure you are an old lady? You do not play like a dignified old lady. But that is ok, today when I was running and chasing my favorite Christmas toy, mommy said I acted like a puppy too. Hoomans need to learn, playing with toys will keep them young forever! And I am amazed at how many presents you have been getting in the mail lately. Do you and the mail person have a special relationship we should know about? BARK! Sasha The Princess

  4. great presents! darwin loves those squeaky toys like dexter the elphant. she doesnt have an elephant, but many of its friends. paw it forward is such a great thing, darwin still has toys she got from moose.

  5. Wow Kasha you are so lucky – that sqeaky elephant looks like sooo much fun! I absolutely adore squeaky toys…I had a piggy once….but sadly I got slighty to enthusiastic with him one day and gave him to much love and his face go chewed off – oopsies (Sorry Piggy).
    You look like your having so much fun in your video!! 🙂


  6. Yeah – Kasha – are you really 8yrs old??!! I don’t believe it! 😉 I LOVED that video of you playing with your new toy! My human was grinning from ear to ear just watching you have so much fun. I want a pink elephant too! Although I have to say, I’m not much of a squeaker dog – they don’t do anything for me, although I know most doggies go mad for them – I do like any ball-shaped thing, though! 😀

    Sorry I haven’t visited in AGES! I’m going to catch up on your posts now!

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. Wow – you look awesome for a 8 years old Great Dane!!!! I always thought they are slowing down at 5 (sorry Honey, no offense!) … And the pink elephant is cool. I don’t get squeaky toys anymore because mom thinks it is a waste of money. It only takes me 25 seconds to destroy them :)…
    Slobbers Teal’c

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