For Ms. Sasha the Princess Dane

One of my new friends is Sasha the Princess Great Dane and my mom got inspired by her blog’s main picture.

See what mom did to me…she knew she had some tiaras in the basement someplace so she went and dug them out and look what she did!!  I don’t mind her taking pictures of me but what’s up with these things?  She said us old gals have to stick together so here are my princess pictures… she says us old gals still got it!!  I’m not sure what it is that we got though.  Does that make us cougar danes??  Ha Roo!

Don’t I just look thrilled?

Oh noooo…Mom has more than one of those tiaras!

Ok, I’m starting to get the hang of this modelling thing now! 

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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8 responses to “For Ms. Sasha the Princess Dane

  1. BARK BARK!! Kasha, you look as thrilled as I did in mine. Arent hoomans weird? Thank goodness daddy drew the line when mommy said she wanted to paint my pawnails! She once put one of those flashy things on my head too, oh how humbling. BARK! Merry Pawmas– Sasha the Princess

    • Kasha the Harlequin Dane

      Oh you better believe it….my mom has had that thought about painting my nails as well…luckily she hasn’t done it since she worries about me getting nail polish all over the carpet…although she did give me a pawdicure the other day.

      AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  2. PS– Kasha, if this is making your mommy smile, that is a good thing. Smiles heel mommy’s hearts. So be a good sport to help her sadness go away and let her heart be happy again. BARK!

  3. Mango

    You look wonderful. Most dignified.


  4. Hi Kasha! Merry Christmas to you and your hairless pack-leaders 🙂 from Down Under!

    Looking at your pics – you look stunning and like a real girl – you shouldn’t complain. Me on the other hand being a boy and all – did you see what pics my mom took of ME on my birthday?!?!?

    Slobbers Teal’c

  5. Terry S.

    Kasha girl, you were made to wear a tiara!!

  6. Lisa Mendoza

    Oh, Kasha – the tiaras are so pretty!! I wish I could wear one, but my head is only the size of a tennis ball, so they wouldn’t fit me. Maybe my mom will make something like that for me?

    bark! bark!

    Bella (the Chihuahua who aspires to be a Great Dane)

  7. Hello Kasha!

    I don’t think you look like a princess, I think you look like a QUEEN!

    Wiggles, Tessa

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