In Memory of My Step-Brother Dog Bootsie..

It’s been a sad day at our home…my step-brother Bootsie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in his sleep last night. 

Mom and dad rescued Bootsie.  He was an adult when they got him and he was with them for 11 years.  So they guess him to have been around 13 years old, which is old for a big dog…he wasn’t as big as me but he was an Akita/Great Dane mix.  Bootsie had the softest and shiniest fur and boy was he furry!  He had a stroke about 6 months ago and was declining slowly.  Mom and dad are very sad and I’m not quite sure what happened to the ole guy…even if I didn’t like him I know mom and dad loved him very much.  So run free sweet Bootsie Boy. 

Here’s one of the last pictures mom took of Bootsie. 



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7 responses to “In Memory of My Step-Brother Dog Bootsie..

  1. We are sending you comforting hugs today. Sorry about the loss of your canine brother. He sure was a beautiful looking doggie! Warm wishes, warm licks and lots of love from all of us.


    My mom says we will always have a special place in our hearts for the loss of our animals. So sorry for your loss of Bootsie your canine step-brother. He sure was a good looking dog.

    LUCKY – Chicago

  3. Lisa Mendoza

    We send our best wishes to you as you deal with the loss of your fur-brother. We are all very sad, because our mom and sister Sierra were very fond of Bootsie. We will visit you soon.

    Lisa – Spring Grove, IL

  4. Mango

    Oh my goodness. We just met him and now he is gone. We hope that he just went over the bridge in his sleep. He had a good life in a loving home.


  5. Oh I am sorry. Make sure to give your Momma & Daddy extra love and kisses.

    woof – Tucker

  6. BARK!!!!! Oh, we are so sorry to hear about your step brother. I lost mine too, a few months back. Mommy kept praying for him to go to sleep and wake up on the other side of the bridge, but she finally had to help him go there. Mommy prepared Max for his trip. If you want to read about it: She said to have kleenex ready, which you probably already have plenty of.
    WOW, he did grow to an old age. And yes, I am an old girl too… I am about 9 years old. We have a lot in common. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  7. Hi Kasha and family! That is so sad and I send you guys lots of licks and my mom a big hug! 😦
    We are sure that he is fine on the other side of the bridge – playing with lot’s of other doggies!!!! Treats and bones will be everywhere…

    Tealc’s hooman: It is certainly going to be a sad Christmas for you without him but just not waking up is probably the best present he could give you… (I hope that sentence brought across what I intended to d
    say – some things are just difficult to express if English isn’t you first language)

    xxx and slobber

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