Santa Claus

Mom and dad took me to see Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shop….WOW that was a great time…here are some pictures from my visit.

Here’s the outside of the building…we went at night and the picture didn’t turn out too well.

I’m a real outdoor dog…NOT.  Mom made me pose on this rock outside the store before we went in. 

On the way into the store, we ran into one of my trainers…Dad’s not very good with the camera and he didn’t get anyones faces..what’s up with that?  My mom’s the one in the black coat with all the dane hair on it…Ha Roo!! I love to spread my hair around.

Here I am posing by the big fish tank. 

What are those things in that tank? I’ve never seen fish before.

Here’s me, mom and a BIG BEAR..what’s that thing doing in the store?  I’m outta here.

Ok, now on to see Santa…mom wants you to know that I was terrified seeing Santa.   Before we actually saw Santa we walked around the store checking things out and visiting with people and I was perfectly fine.  The next two pictures were taken after 2 attempts with Santa and none of them worked.  I was shaking in my paws, with my tail tucked under going up to see Santa…I don’t know what my problem was but the big ole guy scared me…mom thinks it was his hat but I don’t know I’m just glad it’s over.

Me on the way up to see Santa…see you can see him in the background…ooooh he looks scary.

Here I am again sitting near the fake snow pile…now that’s my kind of snow!

And get ready…here is my picture with the big guy…It took 3 attempts to get this one picture with him.  The people at Bass Pro Shop were very nice and patient with me and I can’t wait to go back there after Santa leaves town. 

I may look happy in this picture but I was not happy.  I did think that Santa was very authentic looking…he even had a real beard..maybe that’s what scared me.   Happy early Christmas to Everyone!

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane



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5 responses to “Santa Claus


    Merry Christmas to you Kasha….from LUCKY….in Chicago – your Grandma’s Dog. WOOF-WOOF.

  2. It was worth three attempts – great x-mas pic! 🙂

  3. greatdaneservicedog

    Those pics are great! The ears on her standing there on the rock–ha!
    The background looks suspiciously like the Bass Pro in Springfield, Mo…am I right or do they all look the same? Kenai and I live about 30 min south of that. Anyway, Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Kenai’s Mom,

      You have to take Kenai to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop according to the “elves” at the picture taking area they only use life like Santas (which means they all have real beards). I didn’t know that. I’m guessing all the Bass Pro Shops are similar. This is the only one we’ve been to and it’s in Gurnee, IL.

      Kasha’s Mom

  4. BARK! I think all that bright color would scare me too. I think I would need to protect mommy from that guy. BARK! Sasha the Princess

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