Stinkin Snow & Cold…

Well, it’s official, we have had our first snow and I’m not happy….I’m too dainty of a dane for this stinkin’ white stuff.  You’d think I’d be used to it since I originally came from Wisconsin but nope…I just don’t like it.  When it gets really cold I can hardly walk outside. Here’s some pictures of our first snow…since this snow we have gotten more…Yuck!

Don’t I just look thrilled! 

I do have a step-brother…we don’t get along or should I say that I don’t care for him but mom said we have to let him get on the blog once in a while so I said ok…so here are some pictures of him…he’s a senior citizen but he loves the snow unlike me.

Ha Roo!!  My name is Bootsie and I’m Kasha’s step-brother.  I was a rescue just like her but for some reason she just does not like me…what could you not like about me??  Don’t look at my scary eyes in this picture…I really am harmless.  I’m about 13 years old and when mom and dad got me I was an adult and the rescue people said I was an Akita/Great Dane Mix. 

I didn’t want to come in the house…I could stay out here all day.  Well, I better give this blog back to Kasha as she’s the princess of the house.

So you met my step-brother Bootsie…what do you think?  You know I was fine with him when they first brought me home.  We met at the rescue organization and all was just peachy.  He was the original dog then I moved into his house.  We were fine for about the first 2 months then I lost my marbles and kept going after him for no reason.  I think I have issues.  Mom and Dad have tried to fix it but no luck.  So we just live in the same house but we get rotated out of our rooms…I know it may sound wierd to everyone out there but mom and dad couldn’t part with either of us since they love us both.  It’s cool though we each have our own rooms.  Bootsie has run of the house during the day when mom and dad are at work and I get the master bedroom suite which is fine with me…it’s the biggest room with a King Size Bed just for me…Ah Roo!  Mom says we are “time-share” dogs.  It was a little hard at first getting used to it but it’s easy now and we dogs know when it’s our turn to be out.  Bootsie and I can be around each other on walks and we are fine if we are on leash together by the way.  If anyone wants more details on this just let me know and I’ll explain more.

Here’s a picture of Bootsie and me when we got along. Don’t we look so happy together?

Well, gotta run…mom says she has to go Christmas Shopping…hoping she buys some treats for me.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane



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4 responses to “Stinkin Snow & Cold…

  1. You are so awesome for rescuing two great dogs. I had no idea I had a step- brother! LOL! I hope my comments don’t get old because sure is fun for me. Kasha needs to hang with Kasha in Az. No snow here! Merry Christmas !
    kasha and Africa

    • Hi Africa and Kasha,

      We love hearing from you Africa and of course your mom (another Kasha) so keep posting…we would love to live in Arizona. A friend of my mom’s is trying to move there if she can ever sell her house here then mom will have a place to visit but she won’t be taking me with her…what’s up with that? Have a great Sunday.

      AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  2. Mango

    Hey, thanks for introducing us to your step brother. Sorry you don’t get along. Momma says that when a doggie comes home the first few weeks are the honeymoon period where every doggie is on their best behavior. Then the fun begins. Hehehe.

    I am sorry that you don’t like him. Being such an old guy I am sure he is harmless. Sounds like everything is under control, though.


  3. BARK! I understand Kasha. I am quite a meanie when mommy and daddy bring home new brothers and sisters, but after we settle in, then it gets better. It took me awhile to even let Max near me, but finally after he started loving on me by licking my ears, I let him get comfortable. I hope you get nice to your brother as you both get older.
    Mommy rescued me at age 5 too. i am an old lady now at 9.
    BARK! Sasha the princess

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