Me & My Shadow…

Hi Doggie Friends,

Not too much going on here today but mom wanted to post a couple of pictures of me and my shadow and others…one of the last nice days we will probably have here for a while. 

Me and My Shadow (Honey might like this picture…isn’t that one of your dancing songs?)

What are you looking at?  Here I am in my backyard.  Mom says the leaves will be off this tree shortly…getting ready for the snow!  The tree in front is already naked.

Oh the sunshine feels so good!  I love to sun bake…when I’m inside the house I lay right by these patio doors to soak in the rays. 

Here’s me checking out the rock garden before the snow comes…this used to be grass and bushes but mom got tired of us dogs turning it into mud when it rained by running back and forth along the fenceline so now we have rocks…they keep the mud gone but I still go in that area to check things out.

Our flowers are almost all gone now but here’s one more shot of me sitting near our front door before winter comes.  

Hope you enjoyed our photos today.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane



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5 responses to “Me & My Shadow…

  1. Mango

    Happy sunny day! Enjoy it!


  2. Those are some nice pictures of you, Honey! Yep, I agree with Mango – enjoy the sunshine!

  3. Hey Kasha
    Listen, I am really sorry! – I didn’t mean to call you’Honey’…it was a slip of the tongue…you guys are good friends, right! Will you forgive me?
    Licks of apologies

    • No problem Maxdog….you know us beautiful great dane ladies have that affect on you boy dogs….got you all tongue tied…Hah Rooooo!

      Honey is one of my first blog friends and her human has been very helpful in helping us set up our blog.

      AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. Hi Kasha! I love the pic where you are sniffing the air and enjoying the sun. You are a pretty girl!!!
    My mom keeps saying how cool snow is and how much she misses it. I have never seen snow and I guess it won’t happen anytime soon… At the moment it gets hotter and hotter over here!

    Oh and as you are new here – when you comment in my blog the link to your blog via your name doesn’t work 😦 You gotta put your url down as well…

    Licks and slobbers Teal’c

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