Kasha’s Blog is now officially closed….she went to Rainbow Bridge on 12/16/13…

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know if anyone at all out there in dog blog land remembers me and Kasha the Dainty Dane but thought I should post to officially close her blog.  I know I haven’t posted in quite a while there pretty much wasn’t anything all that exciting to post when you have an ill dog.  Ms. Kasha was put to sleep on 12/16/13 only a few weeks away from her 12th Birthday.  For those of you that know our great danes, she had a very long wonderful life.  We miss her dearly.  Ms. Kasha was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (a disease that affects german shepherds quite a bit).  Great Danes don’t usually live that long to get it.  Basically her rear end was no longer communicating with her brain and she became incontinent (which we managed for well over a year),  her paws would flip over, she would fall down, have trouble getting up, etc.  She finally got to the point where her back legs were totally lame and couldn’t stand up at all so the decision had to be made.  Run free sweet Kasha!  You were the best dog ever!



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Hello 2012…..I’m still here!!

Hello all my furiends, I’m sorry I haven’t been out here blogging in so many months but mom said she is going to try to be better in 2012 so we will see.  I know everyone has been busy with life and I have to catch up on my reading of everyone’s blogs.  As for us, I’m doing ok, getting older and giving mom and dad some scares with my legs every once in a while but otherwise still hanging in there.  I turned 10 years old earlier this month (no party or anything…mom is really getting lazy).  But I do have some pictures to share with all of you from this past Christmas and a video so you can see yes I’m still around.    I do sleep alot these days but I do still love to go on my walkies and play with my toys (yes, I am 10 and play with toys!) but I definitely only play with them for short periods of time.  

So here are some pictures to get me started with blogging in 2012. 

Is that a present for me?


When mom tells me to hold the bag in my mouth, I do as I am told...BOL

For Christmas this year I received this super large stuffed teddy bear from my grandma, check out the pictures and the video of me below…

Is this for me?


Sitting pretty with my present from Grandma!


What's this bear doin on my back??


One more picture of me and my new stuffie! I really am happy, don't be confused by the look on my face!

Here is the short video when mom let me have the bear.
My Grandma likes to crochet so she also made me a little red and white afghan for Christmas so now I can stay warm in the winter months.   Actually I sleep covered up all year round, you know I’m a “dainty dane” and I like to stay warm and cozy all year round.   Thanks Grandma for making it for me.

What are you looking at?


I'm so sleepy...

That’s all for now my furiends, thanks for visiting me and I’m going to start to visit your blogs more often as well.   Hope you all Have a GREAT (Dane) NEW YEAR!
AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Honey’s Dancing with the Doggie Stars Entry…

Hello my furiends,

Yes it’s here!!  The video you’ve been waiting for….my entry into Honey’s Dancing with the Doggie’s Dance Competition.    Oh mom and I had so much fun doing this video…I think if I would have been a younger pup I would have loved to have gone to professional doggie dance school and learned the proper way to dance but as you will see I still had fun.  After my presentation I slept for days….you know I’m an old girl and need my rest. 

Anyway I’d like to thank Honey the Great Dane and Hsin-Yi for organizing this contest and want to give her some High Fives for all the work she has done compiling all the entries…that was alot of work mom says cause it was alot for just our one video. 

Now I’m going to go and check out all the wonderful videos and give my viewer’s choice vote to one of them.  Enjoy my first ever dance routine everyone.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Honey’s Dancing with the Dogs Competition…

Hello all my furiends,

I just wanted to post that I just finished recording my dance routine and mom just emailed it to Honey for the competition…if you want some good laughs later next week go and check out Honey’s blog to see my entry and all the other wonderful dancing doggies.

That’s all for now…I’ll post my entry here later.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great


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Tucker’s Dogya Competition – I Won! My loot from Tucker…

Hello all my furiends,

My mom says she really has to get to blogging more than once a month…that seems to be the average that she posts.  She feels so bad and apologizes for not visiting all my furiends lately but she will try to do better. 

So, lets get you all caught up.  A few months ago my doggie friend Tucker the Great Dane from Maine had a Dogya Competition.  You were to submit your best doggie yoga pose and I won a category!  Can you believe it?  I was such a happy doggie.  Below is the picture I submitted for the competition.

I’m not a shy girl as you can see….Ha Roo!!
I received a package with my winning loot…check it out to see what I received.

What is this for me?

Watch me in action as I open the package….I just love opening pressies.
Here are a couple more videos of me opening my pressie (sorry I have so many short videos…mom does them on her iphone and they can only be so long).
Here are some more pictures of me with all my goodies from Tucker… WOWZERS Tucker you and your hooman are way too generous.  I just love everything!!

I received these yummy chicken treats!


I love my new colorful parrot!


I'm having so much fun playing with my new de-stuffed squirrel!

Tucker sent me a nice card and mom was being silly and put it on my head..silly hooman!


I ate this wizzle stick in no time flate...it was quite tasty!


Here I am reading my card from Tucker...I think I need a manicure! BOL

Thank you again Tucker for all the wonderful gifts you sure made my day!
Mom also wanted to add Happy Memorial Day!
AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Kasha for Sale….

WHAT??  Why am I for sale?

Mom was in the grocery store recently and look what she found!

Kasha for SALE

So in case some of you didn’t know Kasha is actually a grain and people do buy it and eat it.  I came with the name of Kasha when I was adopted so mom just kept it.  It’s funny when mom goes out to lunch with her friend Lisa, we go to this really good restaurant called Max & Benny’s Deli and mom’s friend always order Kreplach Soup with Kasha!  AARH what is she doing eating me..those silly hoomans. 

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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My Belated 9th Birthday Pawty!!

Hello all my furiends,

I’m still here and doing fine.  My mom doesn’t seem to be able to get herself to my blog and type for me these days.  She says after being at work all day on the computer the last thing she wants to do is type some more….well today is raining and cold and daddy is watching the NCAA Basketball tournament all day long so I finally got her to come to the computer and blog for me. 

So back in January I had my 9th Birthday can you believe it?  I’m really a senior gal now.  Who would have thought after I bloated at age 7 that I would still be around.  I sure showed them didn’t I?  Anyway mom and dad had a little pawty for me….it was only the 3 of us but boy did I get lots of goodies.  Come check out the pictures from my pawty!

Here I am in my Birthday Hat and Decorative Collar!

Mom and dad went to this really cute store that was about 40 minutes drive by car machine from our house, they specializ in doggie birthday party goodies and they found this hat and collar their along with a birthday cake stuffie that plays Happy Birthday and a real dog birthday cake just for me to eat.  Mom said she was going to make me one but then got lazy and just bought one for me.  Plus I got a brand new bed and mom says I better not tear it up cuz it costs lots of paper money!

What's this? Is it for me?


Here's a close up of my Birthday Cake! It was yummy!


Here I am with my Birthday Cake Stuffie!


Check out my new bed! It is so comfy!


Here I am sitting on my new bed with my cake stuffie that’s playing Happy Birthday to Me!!

I hope everyone enjoyed my 9th Birthday as much as I did. 

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Flight of the Bumble Bee….

Hi Everyone,

A while back I received a pressie from my hooman grandma.  Thanks grandma I love my stuffies! It was this cool stuffed Bee.  It was actually a small rug with this big stuff Bee head.  So below is my journey with this Bumble Bee.  Enjoy!

Here I am laying nicely on my new Bumble Bee rug!


I think I'll use this bee head as a pillow.

I'm getting sleepy....

Here’s a little video of my playing with my Bumble Bee rug….I didn’t know I was being videotaped….can you believe the nerve of my hooman not telling me.  You can tell by the look on my face once I figure out she is taping me!

After I play with my bee for a while I just have to tear the head off of the body (mom didn’t get any pictures of that) but she does have this one of me chewing on the bee head.  Does anyone else do this with their stuffies before they actually de-stuff them?  I sort of chew/suck on them for quite a while before I take the stuffing out.  Check it out for yourself.

So how much stuffing do you think is actually in a stuffed bee head??  Well according to mom there is quite a bit of stuffing…check out what I did next…Uh OH!!

Here’s what I have to say about all of it….Ha Roo!! 

Have a great dane (day) everyone!

Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Funny Animal Voiceover Video from BBC

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year to Everyone!  

My hooman saw this video and it just made her crack up laughing so she wanted to post it on my blog for all to enjoy.  


AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane


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Merry Christmas & Happy Howlidays!

Hello everyone,

I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Howlidays before it starts getting really busy around our house and mom doesn’t have time to post.   Mom is attaching my Christmas photo for 2010.  For those of you that have a Bass Pro Shop that’s where this photo was taken.   It’s actually the same Santa as the previous year and guess what??? I’m still terrified of Santa.   Mom doesn’t know why…we probably took about 10 photos and this one turned out the best.   Enjoy my photo.   

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Don't come any closer BIG GUY!!


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